SOCIALISING INFRASTRUCTURES: How the World Changed Social Media – University of Copenhagen

SOCIALISING INFRASTRUCTURES: How the World Changed Social Media

This is the first lecture in a series of lectures about digital infrastructures organised by CCC. The lectures are adressed at students and faculty and will engage in discussions in various kinds of and takes on digital infrastructures. Each lecture will address a different perspective for this discussion such as actors, technologies, history, and ethics. The lectures will be in English.


Daniel Miller, professor, & Laura Haapio-Kirk, research assistant, University College London


Daniel Miller will offer an insight into the European Research Council Project “Why We Post” directed by him. The project is based on 9 anthropological field studies from different parts of the world. The project focuses on how infrastructure in form of social media is part of everyday life and reflects the local and regional differences in what people post and communicate through the platforms. Laura Haapio-Kirk shows how new digital technologies can be used to disseminate the results of such research.