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Living Labs at Work – when technology innovation meets work practice – University of Copenhagen

Living Labs at Work – when technology innovation meets work practice

CCC invites students, faculty as well as everyone else interested to the lecture series New developments in the intersection between work practices and digital technologies.

Lecturer: Anne Marie Kanstrup, Professor at The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Department of Planning, Aalborg University.


Living laboratories (in short living labs), is an increasingly used approach for bringing technology innovation into real-life use contexts. However, examinations of living labs are few and knowledge about what lab inhabitants actually do when they are involved in technology innovation has little attention in the living lab literature. In this guest lecture, Anne Marie Kanstrup will in her talk present research results from a study of eight living labs set-up in care homes for innovation on health technologies with attention to the work carried out by care workers, residents, and management, i.e. people living and working in the labs. The analysis reveals a comprehensive system of work carried out by the living lab inhabitants and identifies the linking of the lab-work-system to the ongoing everyday care-work-system as a major challenge. On this basis, the lecture will discuss implications for future research and development on living labs as an approach to technology innovation.