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Designing Place- and Activity-Centric Library Services – University of Copenhagen

Designing Place- and Activity-Centric Library Services

CCC invites students, faculty as well as everyone else interested to the lecture series New developments in the intersection between work practices and digital technologies.

Lecturer: Peter Dalsgaard, Associate Professor of Interaction Design and Director of the Centre for Digital Creativity, Aarhus University. 


PLACED (Place- and Activity-Centric Dynamic Library Services) is a European research project with eight library and university partners in Denmark, France, and Sweden, aimed at developing a new type of place- and activity-centric digital library services. Whereas library services typically focus on providing access to a collection of media, PLACED services support activities in the library, e.g. book readings, debates, and maker labs. The novel aspect is that PLACED services enable us to capture knowledge generated through library activities, make them a part of the library’s collection, and allow future library users to explore and access them, thus creating a basis for an ever-evolving collection built on library users' activities and knowledge generation in situ.

Peter Dalsgaard will in his talk focus on the basic principles and challenges of designing digital systems to support the variety of activities that unfold with very diverse groups of users in libraries, and present the first prototype from the research project PLACED (Place- and Activity-Centric Dynamic Library Services), which is being deployed in libraries in Denmark, France, and Sweden in the beginning of 2018.


Peter's work examines how we can understand and design digital systems from a humanistic perspective, with a particular focus on exploring and developing digitally enhanced tools that help people create and innovate. His work combines practice-based studies and experiments with theoretical contributions and development of novel methods for designing.