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Seminar and workshop: ‘Beyond data ethics: datafication and the good life' – University of Copenhagen

Seminar and workshop: ‘Beyond data ethics: datafication and the good life'

This seminar brings together interdisciplinary research approaches to discuss the creep of datafication – data flows and uses and the infrastructures that underpin them – into all aspects of daily living. We focus on the societal and ethical implications of datafication – for citizens, regulators, advocacy groups and researchers. The seminar and workshop will depart from the intersection of data ethics, regulation and data justice to push forward current discussions in research ethics that tend to centre narrowly on issues of privacy, discrimination and accountability, and on the ethical responsibilities of various data actors and stakeholders in the context of datafication. The seminar and workshop are funded by the Center for Communication and Computing, University of Copenhagen and the Data Justice Lab, University of Cardiff.

There is a limited amount of spaces, so don't hesitate to sign up, if you want to ensure your seat at the event. To sign up for the seminar and workshop contact Stine Lomborg at

Program (preliminary)

Morning seminar (room 4A.0.56)

The morning session features three research talks on tracking regimes, data regulation and data ethics in collaboration with the research network “Algorithmic Software Culture”, hosted by University of Copenhagen.

8.45 – coffee and croissants

9.00-10.00 Welcome & Rasmus Helles, Stine Lomborg & Signe Sophus Lai, University of Copenhagen : Media systems without regulation? The political economy of invisible infrastructures.

10.00-11.00 Hanne Marie Motzfeldt and Ayo Næsborg Andersen, Aarhus University: Digitalisation and the (Unintended) Illegal Outsourcing of Legislative and Administrative Power in Denmark.

11.00-12.00 Linnet Taylor, University of Tilburg & Lina Dencik, Cardiff University : What's ethical about data ethics?

12-13: Lunch

Afternoon workshop (room 15A.0.13)

The afternoon workshop will be an interactive discussion on developments within the field of data ethics, its key opportunities and limitations. The workshop will be organized around three key themes, each initiated through brief interventions.

13.00-14.00 Theme 1: The role of big tech in data ethics
Who are the actors that are shaping the field of data ethics? What is and should be the role of technology companies in this agenda? How do we involve industry without risking the corporate capture of ethics and self-regulation?
Interventions by:

  • Mikkel Flyverbom, CBS
  • Pernille Tranberg,
  • Stefan Larsson, University of Lund

14.00-15.00 Theme 2: Civil society, activism and data ethics
What are the opportunities and challenges for civil society in advancing data ethics? To what extent does data ethics facilitate a useful framework for resistance to datafication? How is activism currently advancing within this space?
Interventions by:

  • Ben Wagner, University of Vienna
  • Emiliano Treré, Cardiff University

15.15-16.15 Theme 3: Academia, research and data ethics
How do online research ethics relate to data ethics? What is the role of academia in shaping the meaning of data ethics? What is or should be the relationship between academia and technology companies, and academia and activism in defining what is at stake with datafication?
Interventions by:

  • Irina Shklovski, ITU
  • Sille Obelitz Søe, KU

16.15-16.30 Wrap up