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Pia Borlund

Pia Borlund

Professor with special responsibilities

  • Department of Information Studies (INF)

    Njalsgade 76, Building: 328

    2300 København S

    Phone: +45 98 77 30 51

Pia Borlund is Professor with special obligations (wso) in interactive information retrieval (IIR)).  She is actively involved in the research community as member of several Editorial Boards and PCs and acts as referee for a large number of journals and conferences.

Pia Borlund serves on the following Editorial Boards: 

  • Information Processing & Management (IPM) (2000- )
  • Journal of Information Science (JIS) (2005- )
  • Information Retrieval (IR) (2007- )
  • Journal of Documentation (JDoc) (2010 - )
  • Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences (2010- )
  • Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice (2013- )

Primary fields of research

The research focus of Pia Borlund is on the methods for evaluation of systems that support interactive information retrieval.  Her interest in systems evaluation, design and usage brings together three broad areas: interactive information retrieval, human-computer interaction, and information seeking (behaviour). Pia Borlund has conducted research on frameworks and guidelines for performance evaluation of interactive information retrieval systems centred on the context instrument 'simulated work task situation' by involvement of users.  Her current research focuses on methodological issues, test design and recommendations for evaluation of user-based performance and search interaction. Specifically, she is interested in the concept of relevance, including users' relevance assessment behaviours of different work and search tasks, as well as the nature of subjective, non-binary relevance. These interests are well documented in her research production and activities that be via the various activities in the research communities as well as via her teaching.

Pia Borlund is docent at the School of Information Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland.  


Topics of supervision:

  • Evaluation of interactive information retireval systems (IIR system)
  • Approches and methods for evaluation of IR system interaction
  • Experimental design / test design
  • Information seeking (behaviour)
  • The concept of relevance
  • The concept of information need

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