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Congratulations to the winner of the first CCC Bachelor Prize – University of Copenhagen

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26 June 2017

Congratulations to the winner of the first CCC Bachelor Prize

CCC Bachelor Prize

The first winner of the Bachelor Prize for Communication and Computing, Lone Guldberg Maor Mikkelsen with a BSc in Information Science and Cultural Communication, provides a distinctive illustration of how digital analysis and visualization contribute to better insight into, and dissemination of, historical evidence.

Digital Visualizations of the Holocaust in Time and Space is the title of the winning Bachelor project in 2017 and was selected by the members of the CCC International Advisory Board. In its assessment, the IAB emphasized the twin qualities of the entry: clear and convincing research questions regarding a socially important topic.

The project was presented at the this year's CCC International Advisory Board meeting on 19 June.


The project argues that BigData and LargeData, together with Historical Geographical Information Systems and Data Visualizations, offer powerful digital tools that Holocaust researchers and other historians should not ignore. These approaches produce new information, lead to serendipity, and hold the potential for innovative ideas and research initiatives. The project further suggests that a concept of Spatial Humanities will be at the center of future studies of the Holocaust and other historical topics. It is important to keep in mind, however, that digital data in themselves are not sufficient. Whatever tools are used, careful and critical reflection is essential to obtaining new knowledge. In order to transform data and information into knowledge, both domain-specific insight and classical source analysis are still needed. Thus, it is important not to undermine the integrity of the humanities through a resurgence of the sort of empiricism and pseudo-positivism that propose to let the data speak for themselves. 

Lone Guldberg Maor Mikkelsen and Klaus Bruhn Jensen - from the presentation of the Bachelor project.