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18 June 2018

Changes in management at CCC


Laura Skouvig, Associate Professor at Department of Information Studies, will act as Head of Centre until January 2019. During this interim period, the line of activities that make up CCC will continue.

New management structures at DIKU where Sebastian Boring has been appointed section leader have led to a minor reorganization of the CCC leadership. Laura Skouvig is now Head of Centre at CCC until January 2019. Thanks a lot to Sebastian for the time and energy invested at CCC – your effort has been much appreciated!

In the upcoming interim period, the main aim is to consolidate CCC as an active participant in interdisciplinary and cross-faculty work. At the moment many exciting things are taking place within the Faculty of Humanities centered around e.g. digital humanities and digital culture and at the Faculty of Science with the new Science AI Center. There are thus many possibilities for a coming leadership for advancing the Centre in new stimulating environments. In this respect CCC is unique in its well-established cross-faculty cooperation which makes a solid ground for participating in future projects at the university in general.

Activities at CCC during the interim period

In the interim period, the line of activities that make up CCC continues. The visions behind CCC are still at the forefront of the coming activities and aims at bringing together researchers with an interest in current issues on the nexus between digital technologies and how people interact with such technologies in their everyday lives. The Centre will focus on activities based on the researchers’ own agenda and provide seed money for seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures etc. that enhances grant funding applications (see a coming call).

Another important aspect is to promote the new lab facilities that are situated at South Campus, building 5A. Soon a new website for the labs is launched with description of the different possibilities: HTC Vive for VR (Virtual Reality) and Microsoft HoloLens for MR (Mixed Reality), Maker lab facilities, and equipment for analyzing user interactions as well as equipment for real-time observations on focus group studies.

Finally, it is important to stress that CCC is researcher-driven. So feel free to contact Laura ( with any ideas and Tina ( / Sulaima ( if you know about exciting conference calls, workshops or the like that could benefit the CCC-community.