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Student from Communication and IT gains access to Google Glass – University of Copenhagen

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9 May 2014

Student from Communication and IT gains access to Google Glass

Jacob Funch, graduate student from Communication and IT, is working on his Master’s Thesis. With the aim of developing a reading application, he has gained access to Google Glass. 

Jacob Funch

Jacob Funch

Jacob started out with several ideas, but in the end he decided to develop a technological assistant to optimise reading. Society for Danish Language and Literature was excited about the idea and joined forces with Jacob. After explaining his ideas in an online community for Google Glass researchers and designers, he soon after received an invitation to buy Google Glass.

I’m adding my own perspective on the possibilities of this new wearable technology. Based on research about reading, I’m developing a prototype for Google Glass. Many academic readers return to the printed media because digital platforms contain too much noise. I’m investigating how Google Glass can help in this situation, says Jacob Funch.

The main idea is to use the camera of Google Glass to track what the reader is doing with the printed media. For instance, an idea is that Google Glass can detect what the reader highlights on paper using a marker. This makes it possible to transform the analogue text into a digital text, thus making it possible to save the text digitally for later use. Another feature will be the possibility of searching in the printed media.

There are endless possibilities. It’s really just about imagining which digital functions you miss when sitting with a book, says Jacob Funch. He hopes, in the end, to be invited to Google to present his results and his prototype.

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