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23 August 2012

Communication and IT grows in popularity

This year, the BA programme in Communication and IT has experienced a considerable increase in the number of applicants. Communication and IT

While the number of first priority applicants was 88 in 2011, no less than 108 applied in 2012, corresponding to an increase of 22.7 per cent. The total number of applicants has risen from 305 in 2011 to 429 in 2012 – an increase of 40.7 per cent. As a result of the increase, the entry grade point average has risen by 3 percentage points to 7.2. It goes without saying that there are no vacant slots – the maximum of 77 students have been admitted.

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Ulf Hedetoft welcomes the development, I note with great pleasure the increased student interest in this BA programme. A rise in the number of applicants of more than 40 per cent in a single year testifies to the fact that the programme meets an important social demand, combining as it does competences in the human and the natural sciences in innovative ways.

With an intake of 38 women and 39 men, the programme clearly appeals to women as well as men. The equal gender distribution is becoming a trademark for the programme and is remarkable for an IT programme. 

The successful BA programme, which combines media studies and computing sciences, has only been offered since 2009. The first 19 BA students graduated this summer, and 30 students have been admitted to the new MA programme, starting in September.