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10 February 2012

The University of Copenhagen launches MA programme in Communication and IT

The Accreditation Council has accredited the new MA programme in Communication and IT, and start-up is scheduled for September 2012. 

The MA programme is part of the overall strategy of the University of Copenhagen to promote interdisciplinarity within the field of IT. The MA programme builds on the success for the BA programme in Communication and IT whose intake of students was increased from 38 in 2010 to 77 in 2011. As with the BA programme, the MA programme will combine media studies and computing sciences, reemphasizing interdisciplinarity in its teaching and projects. 

The news of the approval has been greeted with enthusiasm by the students. One of them, Chloé Bigandt, is 23 years old and completing the third year of her BA programme. She is thrilled at the prospect of attending the MA programme. Due to the fact that the MA programme was only recently accredited, she had been forced to look elsewhere, as she puts it. She continues: 

I had considered graduate programmes at the IT University, Copenhagen Business School as well as Film and Media Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Now there is no doubt in my mind that the MA programme in Communication and IT is the right choice for me, due to its unique profile. I am also pleased that we - the students - were consulted during the process of creating the MA programme. I feel that I have been part of the creation process. 

If truth be told, soccer games and Friday afternoon beer also played a part in Chloé's decision to choose the MA programme in Communication and IT: there is an excellent social environment. We are united by our common interests, and I believe the equal gender distribution plays a central part in creating a great atmosphere. 

Chloé feels that she has been able to identify a clear connection between media studies and computing sciences from the very beginning, and she looks forward to an even closer integration between the two fields in the graduate programme. She also hopes for more hardcore IT, because - to her own surprise - she has taken the greatest interest in the more IT-focused classes.

The use of digital media is omnipresent. That is why the introduction of the new MA programme is so welcome. Future students will learn how to apply scientific methods to the study of the key nexus between computing and human communication. They will acquire skills of how to analyze - and to develop - the various uses of IT in communication, collaboration and innovation.
During her undergraduate studies Chloé has been particularly fond of the possibility of getting in touch with the world outside campus. As an example, she mentions how she - and her fellow students - helped the newspaper Politiken develop an iPhone application with the purpose of attracting young readers. The application focuses on news from cultural life and is currently in actual use.

The MA programme, taught in Danish, is offered by the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science. The graduates receive the title Master of Arts (MA) in Communication and IT and will most likely be employed as communications officers, programmers, webmasters, systems developers, IT graduates and project managers. Chloé seems very optimistic about her future career opportunities: 

the financial crisis? ... I don't worry about that. I chose Communication and IT because it has a variety of job prospects, and I plan to try out different positions. 

The launch of the programme will be celebrated at a release party Tuesday 21 February, 12:00-15:00 in room 27.0.17, KUA. You are very welcome and can look forward to cupcakes, tapas, sparkling wine and of course information about the graduate programme. 

Learn more about the MA programme (in Danish): here