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13 September 2012

New research project on cross-media communication

Kjetil Sandvik from the Centre for Communication and Computing has been granted funding from the Danish Council for Independent Research to a three-year collective research project.

Kjetil Sandvik

Kjetil Sandvik

The vast spread of the internet and mobile media over the last two decades has generated great hopes and deep worries – in public debate as well as in research. Consequently, international media and communication research is currently engaged in a longer and deeper process of examining and assessing the cultural consequences of networked communication.

The new research project, Meaning across media – Cross-media communication and co-creation, joins this process, departing from the ongoing transformation of the Danish media environment, and relating local findings and perspectives to changes in communication flows and practices worldwide.

Previous research has examined the production and uses of the contents of various media, but mostly in comparative isolation from each other. Meaning across media examines the different modes of communication (communication as composition, as collaboration, as participation, as content curation, and as co-creation) that users engage in as distributors, remixers, as well as producers in their own right, thus proposing the important question: which communicative roles do the users of new, digital media engage in?

Audience and reception studies have traditionally asked not only what media do to users, but also what users do with media: how do people use, interpret, and otherwise engage different types of media. Some users may just employ one of the modes above, some all five of them. Whereas the concept of cross-media communication has most commonly been used to refer to media institutions and their communication strategies, the focus of Meaning across media will be on the user perspective proper.
An important task in grasping the user perspective today is to consider the diverse modes of engagement and various degrees of participation and co-creation taking place – by individual users and through user networks in which media content is being shared, distributed, commented upon, edited and added to.
Read the entire project description (PDF)