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23 January 2018

CCC invites you to a new lecture series

Lecture series

CCC invites students, faculty as well as everyone else interested to the lecture series New developments in the intersection between work practices and digital technologies.

On 8 February, the interdisciplinary Centre for Communication and Computing (CCC) introduces a new lecture series. The lectures will all be centered on research regarding the intersection between established work practices and digital technologies. A number of invited researchers representing different ways of understanding and examining the subject, will in the course of five individual lectures share their knowledge and present new insights. Moreover each lecture will be an invitation to discuss shared problems across the various scientific approaches.

The motivation behind the initiative

For several years, co-design has been a focus of attention, but as a method for implementation it is yet to be developed. Today, studies examine e.g. how digital technologies and work practices mutually re-configure each other both during the implementation process as well as through the daily use of technology. New digital technologies cause changes in work practices, organization of work and in the notions of the task itself. At the same time, the use of digital technology has an impact on what kind of product the technology turns into. While studying the intersection between the already incorporated rules and routines, professional knowledge and new digital technologies, there are different possible approaches and some of these will be presented at the lecture series.

A meeting between computer and human

The lecture series is funded by CCC’s Glocal initiative, which aims at setting the meeting between human communication and IT on the agenda via discussions of essential theoretical and empirical questions. Today, this very meeting is more relevant than ever, as the production of information and knowledge these years is undergoing the highest growth in history. In order to discuss this meeting adequately an interdisciplinary engagement is key and this is exactly what the upcoming lecture series strives to create. With the lectures, CCC wishes to establish a dialogue across the various scientific areas.

8. februar 2018
Living Labs at Work – when technology innovation meets work practice
By Anne Marie Kanstrup, Professor at The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Department of Planning, Aalborg University
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15. marts 2018
How to put IT and society in desirable orders: Participatory Design, Actor-Network Theory and healthcare IT
By Claus Bossen, Associate Professor, School of Communication and Culture, Centre for Science-Technology-Society-Studier, Aarhus University
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22. marts 2018
Designing Place- and Activity-Centric Library Services
By Peter Dalsgaard, Associate Professor of Interaction Design and Director of the Centre for Digital Creativity, Aarhus University
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5. April 2018
Staying on top of things when at the top. A study of the attentional practices of healthcare CEOs
By Davide Nicolini, Professor of Organization Studies at Warwick Business School
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19. april 2018
“Conceptual Work”: The Ideals and Realities of Informing the Design of New Digital Technologies through Ethnography
By Lars Rune Christensen, Associate Professor and Head of Technologies in Practice (TiP) Research Group, IT University of Copenhagen
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