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New CCC researcher: Henriette Roued-Cunliffe – University of Copenhagen

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19 November 2014

New CCC researcher: Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

The Centre for Communication and Computing is pleased to welcome Henriette Roued-Cunliffe.

Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

Henriette Roued-Cunliffe is a graduate (DPhil) from the University of Oxford and recently appointed Assistant Professor at the Royal School of Library and Information Science (RSLIS). She has previously held a research position at the Institut für Indologie und Tibetologie, Ludwig‐Maximilians‐Universität. 

Dr. Roued-Cunliffe has a background in archaeological computing and the development of IT tools for the reading of handwritten documents. She is an active participant and reviewer in the fields of Digital Humanities, Archaeological Computing and Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Her research interest focuses on Autodidact Information Behaviour, Everyday Life Information Seeking and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Culture, as well as IT tools and collaborative virtual environments for professional and amateur researchers. She is currently working on a theoretical approach to Autodidact Information Behaviour as well as uncovering the connection between this and online DIY Culture.