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19 February 2015

Patients collaborate with their pacemakers

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CCC researchers Tariq Osman Andersen and Jonas Moll have been the driving force in bringing a new, interdisciplinary R&D project into existence. The project, named SCAUT, aims to make the treatment of heart patients much more collaborative using advanced predictive analytics and smart use of mobile technology.

About 150,000 Danes suffer from chronic heart failure. The treatment and care is typically a combination of medical treatment, surgery or implantation of cardiac devices, such as pacemakers. The pacemakers of today are advanced, but they can only monitor the bodily signals of the patient. They cannot tell how the patient feels, or what the patient should do when certain symptoms occur.

The idea is to enhance the dialogue between the patient, the clinician(s) and the pacemaker, using the data and knowledge from each of these three actors. The patient will be able to “tell” the pacemaker how she feels; the pacemaker suggests adjustments of the treatment and, thanks to the application of predictive algorithms, ultimately prevents life threatening situations by alerting clinicians in due time.

SCAUT is originally the invention of Tariq and Jonas, both assistant professors at the Department of Computer Science, UCPH. After completing their PhDs, they wanted to bring their main findings from their research into the healthcare practice. It required hard work for nearly two years to conceptualise and establish what has now become SCAUT. In the project, Tariq and Jonas take part in the daily management and are heading the group responsible for doing fieldwork and interaction design.

R&D Team with Tariq and Jonas in the centre

R&D Team with Tariq and Jonas in the centre

When asked about the project, Jonas Moll says, We are really excited that the project has come to live, with solid and great partners. We feel very fortunate to be able to work with such talented people from a diverse range of specialties. From cardiologists and software engineers to medical anthropologists. We couldn’t be more happy about the prospects of this project.

SCAUT is short for Self-, Collaborative- and AUTo-detection of signs and symptoms of deterioration. It is an interdisciplinary project between the Department of Computer Science; the Heart Centre at the University Hospital of Copenhagen; the IT-consultancy Rehfeld; and the global medical device manufacturer, Medtronic. It is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark and the participating parties. The project runs from 2014-2018.

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