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More applications for IT and CS educations than ever at UCPH – University of Copenhagen

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31 July 2013

More applications for IT and CS educations than ever at UCPH

CS Applications 2013

Great satisfaction is expressed with this year's enrolment of new Computer Science and IT students at the University of Copenhagen. 16% more than last year have applied and a consolidated intake of so far 300 new CS and IT bachelor students is considered satisfactory by Head of CS Department Martin Zachariasen.

"It is positive to witness that the classical Computer Science education has regained its popularity to such an extent" says Head of the CS Department at University of Copenhagen Martin Zachariasen. But also the fairly new 'Communication and IT' focusing on user integration and design of new media has reported of full house since its introduction in 2009.

"We observe this trend all over the world. Educations within Science and technology are particularly called for. Besides pure interest as motivation, the young people choose educations that give them broader scopes for planning their careers. Industry and research organisations call for highly specialised IT and CS candidates who can solve practical problems as well as draw on a solid theoretical foundation. We consider our candidates to be some of the best problem solvers".

Some statistics: