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9 October 2014

The very first MA’s in Communication and IT are entering the job market

These days, the first students are graduating from Communication and IT. The freshly graduated MA’s are not only the very first of their kind; they are also entering the job market with flying colours. Two of these, Sara Victor-Hansen and Johan Lynnerup, handed in their joint Master's thesis early August and are still waiting for their grade. In spite of not having the official degree yet, they both succeeded in obtaining very desirable graduate positions.

The first graduates seem to be coping well with the intense competition on the job market. At least this is the clear impression one gets hearing about Sara and Johan’s experiences.

Sara Victor-Hansen

Sara Victor-Hansen

Sara went through a tough elimination race for her position as a Business IT graduate at Novo Nordisk. Out of a total of 10,068 applications from all over the world, Sara was one of the 400 applicants chosen for a telephone interview. After the interviews, the list of candidates was narrowed down to 152. They all attended a two-day recruitment event at Novo Nordisk, and in the end Sara was one out of 60 graduates who were offered a graduate position.

Johan went through a similar elimination process. NNIT started out with 400 applicants. After two interviews and a personality test, Johan was one of only 10 applicants who succeeded in getting a graduate position.

Why then did Novo Nordisk and NNIT choose graduates from Communication and IT? Sara and Johan agree that Communication and IT has provided them with key competences. They both mention the ability to focus on the user as something that might have

Johan Lynnerup

Johan Lynnerup

impressed both companies. Sara elaborates, as MA’s in Communication and IT, we have a basic understanding of IT as an enabling technology, and as such we focus on identifying user needs. Johan adds, IT projects have many stakeholders – users, developers and businessmen – we possess the ability to act as the vital link between these.

A long journey, then, turned out well for Sara and Johan. The way to success had started out much earlier when Sara and Johan attended career fairs and singled out companies of interest. They submitted their applications to Novo Nordisk and NNIT in February and April, respectively, and both finally started in their new jobs in September. They expect to receive their MA diplomas no later than November.