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CCC Newsletter - March 2013

New faces at CCC


The Centre for Communication and Computing is growing in size as well as in research diversity. Recently, Professor Finn Kensing and Assistant Professor Sebastian Boring have joined the Centre.

Finn Kensing is a leading international researcher within Participatory Design, while Sebastian Boring's main research focus is on Human-Computer Interaction. Read more

Sebastian Boring is runner-up at IT summit

Assistant professor Sebastian Boring from CCC wins second prize at CeBIT innovation awards: his app makes your phone a 'projector'.

Smartphones are solitary devices: anyone who tries showing a photo album on their phone to a group of friends will quickly become frustrated as the phone gets passed around the table, with everyone patiently waiting their turn. Now See Through Phone, a smartphone app solves that problem, by ‘projecting’ the phone's display to any screen. Read more in this article from the University Post.

Graduate student from Communication and IT was part of the winning team at ComCaseCompetition'13


Mathias Nick Andersen from Communication and IT has ample reason to be happy. He won the ComCaseCompetition'13 together with his team mates from Cognition and Communication at UCPH, Copenhagen Business School and Roskilde University. Read more

Upcoming public lectures

We are delighted to invite you to three public lectures in March. The lectures are open and free.

Modelling users' experience in human-computer interaction

Parallel to the spread of personal computing, user-experience (UX) has become a major area in human-computer interaction research. Paul van Schaik, Teesside University, will address an important aspect of UX research: modelling UX. Models of UX describe determinants of positive experiences with a wide range of interactive devices and technologies. UX modelling is important for understanding how characteristics of artefacts, users and tasks influence UX. Read more

Time: 15 March 2013, 14:00-15:00
Place: UCPH, Southern Campus, room 24-5-62 (Njalsgade 128, building 24)

Google Analytics - insights and strategic use

Digital tools for online marketing and activities are changing faster than even industry people can follow. Still Google Analytics seems to be one of the tools that are here to stay. In this talk, Digital Strategy Consultant Mia Jung will present the tool and focus on the actual and potential use cases of how organizations can benefit from integrating the tool and the online marketing toolbox in their broader thinking of process and product optimization. Read more

Time: 19 March 2013, 14:00-17:00
Place: UCPH, Southern Campus, room 22.0.11 (Njalsgade 128, building 22)

Micro, Meso and Macro Challenges to Collaborative Healthcare Delivery: Insights from Canada

Concepts such as collaborative healthcare delivery and continuity of care have raised attention to the need for an integrated healthcare system. In this presentation Craig Kuziemsky, University of Ottawa, will discuss his current research that is focussing on collaborative care delivery at two levels: the micro level and the meso/macro levels. Read more

Time: 22 March 2013, 13:00-14:00
Place: UCPH, Southern Campus, room 24.0.11 (Njalsgade 128, building 24)

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