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CCC Newsletter - October 2014

The very first MA’s in Communication and IT are entering the job market

These days, the first students are graduating from Communication and IT. The freshly graduated MA’s are not only the very first of their kind; they are also entering the job market with flying colours. Two of these, Sara Victor-Hansen and Johan Lynnerup, handed in their joint Master's thesis early August and are still waiting for their grade. In spite of not having the official degree yet, they both succeeded in obtaining very desirable graduate positions at Novo Nordisk and NNIT, respectively. Read more

New CCC researchers

The Centre for Communication and Computing is proud to welcome several new researchers: Professor Niels Ole Finnemann and Assistant Professor Alesia Ann Zuccala, both from the Royal School of Library and Information Science; Associate Professor Anders Søgaard from the Centre for Language Technology; and finally Postdoc Troels Fibæk Bertel from the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication. Read more

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