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Why Sociolinguistics and Computational Linguistics might not be such an odd couple

The Centre for Communication and Computing is pleased to invite you to this open and free lecture by Prof. John Nerbonne.

Time: 25 September 2015, 10:30-11:30
Place: UCPH, South Campus, building 27, room 27.0.09

Computational linguistics techniques have been used extensively in dialectology, including especially edit-distance measures of pronunciation differences recorded in transcriptions, stemming for comparing lexical choices, part-of-speech tagging for comparing syntaxes, and a range of machine-learning techniques for detecting structure in underlying distributions.  These have become part of the dialectometry ‘tool kit’ (Wieling & Nerbonne 2015).  Given the Chambers-Trudgill thesis that language variation ought to constitute a single discipline – whether the variation be geographically or socially conditioned – we should expect similar sociolinguistic studies to be fruitful.  In fact we have now a number of studies which suggest that computational techniques may be fruitfully applied in sociolinguistics, but these are much less common. Read more

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