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What is the stored-program concept and what are its origins?

The Centre for Communication and Computing and The Royal School of Library and Information Science are pleased to invite you to this open and free lecture by Jack Copeland.

The lecture will describe the early history of a fundamental ingredient of modern computing, the stored-program concept. An analysis of the contributions by Alan Turing, Konrad Zuse, F. C. Williams, Tom Kilburn, Presper Eckert, John Mauchly, Richard Clippinger and John von Neumann shows that the stored-program concept consisted of several distinct layers or ‘onion-skins’. These different onion-skins emerged slowly over a ten-year period, giving rise to a number of different programming paradigms. The ‘onion-skin analysis’ permits the resolution of various scholarly disagreements about the stored-program concept and its history. Read more

Time: 12 November 2015, 13:00-15:00
Place: Royal School of Library and Information Science, Birketinget 6, room C.6.02

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