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Upcoming talks

We are pleased to announce two talks in February and March by Professors Jeffrey Schnapp and Bela Gipp, from Harvard and Konstanz respectively. You are cordially invited to participate.

Knowledge Design

- By Professor Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Harvard University

The phrase Knowledge Design describes the situation in the contemporary arts and humanities that most engages Jeffrey Schnapp as a “digital humanist”: the fact that the form that knowledge assumes can no longer be considered a given. Read more

Time: 18 February 2016, 10:00-12:00
Place: UCPH, South Campus, Building 24, Room 24.2.07

New Approaches for Intellectual Property Protection

- By Professor Bela Gipp, University of Konstanz

Intellectual property protection represents a major challenge in academia and for the advancement of science. In his talk, Bela Gipp, Professor of Information Science at the University of Konstanz, will present a new method for the detection of scientific plagiarism. Read more

Time: 4 March 2016, 16:00-17:00
Place: UCPH, South Campus, Building 15, Room 15A.0.13

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