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CCC Newsletter - September 2012

New research project on cross-media communication

cross-media communication

Kjetil Sandvik from CCC has been granted funding from the Danish Council for Independent Research to a collective research project.

The vast spread of the internet and mobile media has generated great hopes and deep worries. Consequently, international media and communication research is engaged in a longer and deeper process of examining and assessing the cultural consequences of networked communication.

The new research project, Meaning across media, joins this process, departing from the ongoing transformation of the Danish media environment, and relating local findings and perspectives to changes in communication flows and practices worldwide. Read more  

Digital data – lost, found, and made


Communication on the internet and in other digital media is continuously recording itself – these data are there to be found. They include meta-data – data about data – that carry much information beyond the actual messages that are ‘sent’ and ‘received.’ Meta-data situate these messages in relation to their contexts – the source of information, its connections with other items of information, their trajectories across sites and servers, and the local users of the information, who, perhaps, add their own meta-data. At the same time, various other kinds of data must be made in order to account for the place of digital media in social interaction on a global scale. The resulting challenges to research are as massive as the amounts of data involved – what is referred to in both academia and industry as big data.

This open and free seminar brings key contributors to the first decade of internet research to CCC in order to address these challenges in an interdisciplinary dialogue. Read more

Time: 16 October 2012, 9:45-16:30
Place: University of Copenhagen, Southern Campus, building 24, room 24.4.01 (Njalsgade 128, 2300 Copenhagen S) 

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