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Audience Measurement and Business Strategies

PURPOSE: the project is an investigation into the methodological issues involved in measuring audience activities across multiple platforms, and how this influences the business logics of media institutions. The project investigates the ways in which media companies from different parts of the media sector (print and ebook publishing, television, web site publishing and online games) are viewing the problems and possibilities associated with multi-platform media use, as well as how they implement media measurement in their daily practice.

METHOD: the project involves stakeholder interviews as well as technology analysis of existing measurement systems as well as systems under development. Parts of the project involves comparative analysis of audience data from existing data sources.

PARTICIPANTS: the project is run by Rasmus Helles. Parts of the project is conducted in cooperation with industry partners, other parts in collaboration with other researchers.

FUNDING: parts of the project is funded through the MeCETES project.

CONTACT: Associate Professor Rasmus Helles,, tel. +45 35329187.