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Clinical Communication: Electronic Whiteboards at Hospital Departments – University of Copenhagen

Clinical Communication

Electronic Whiteboards at Hospital Departments

PURPOSE: to improve and strengthen clinical communication at hospital departments. This project takes place at Nykøbing Falster Hospital, the project runs 2014-2017. Since 2005 Roskilde University, Region Sjælland, and Imatis have cooperated to design, implement, and evaluate electronic whiteboards for hospital departments. University of Copenhagen has been part of the project since 2014. In addition to the whiteboards, the project seeks to develop an effect-driven approach to optimize the design and implementation process. The electronic whiteboards were initially used at the emergency departments but have since spread to other clinical departments throughout Region Sjælland. The whiteboards have been available in all departments at Nykøbing Falster hospital since 2013. 

METHOD: the project is a participatory design project. In collaboration with clinicians, primarily physicians and nurses, researchers from Roskilde University and University of Copenhagen provide input to the design and configuration of the whiteboards and to the redesign of the work practices associated with the whiteboards. A key aspect of this input is the identification of the effects to be achieved by using the whiteboards and of measures for assessing whether these effects are achieved. After the whiteboards, or new whiteboard facilities, have been in use for a period, the effects of using them are measured and compared with measurements made before the whiteboards were introduced. These measurements provide further input to the ongoing process of refining the whiteboards and associated work practices. A supplementary aim of the project is to build local competences at the hospital in organizing and running such effect-driven optimization processes. 

PARTICIPANTS: the project is a cooperation between five partners: Region Sjælland, Roskilde University, University of Copenhagen, private partner Imatis, and the hospital in Nykøbing Falster. 

FUNDING: 5.3 million DKK from Region Sjælland, Roskilde University, Imatis, and Nykøbing Falster Hospital. 

CONTACT: Professor Morten Hertzum,, tel. +45 32341344.

FURTHER READING: learn more about Clinical Communication at the project website.