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Research in Sound and Delivery of Sound

[Completed project]

PURPOSE: productivity and well-bring depends on digital media and the delivery of multimodal media information on different platforms. The CoSound project researches tools for linking audio streams and user interaction data in order to improve interactivity and experience. The vision is to develop a flexible modular audio data processing platform for new products and services in the commercial sector, the public sector, and in the educational and cultural research. The project will prototype and evaluate solutions in all the fields investigated. Innovative solutions will be demonstrated in three end-use areas and large amounts of broadcast and music data will be enriched with metadata. Denmark has a strong position in the field of sound technology. IVA (Royal School of Information Science) is one of nine Danish participants along with four European research institutions. The Cognitive Systems Section at Technical University, Denmark, is the grant holder. Project duration: Jan. 2012 – Dec. 2016.

METHOD: the project develops method and tools for an augmented audio experience and for making the information actionable i.t. to enable user to interpret, organize, analyze, share, co-create, and facilitate story-telling and audio management. The research will combine bottom-up representation of audio and other relevant information sources with top-down user-driven feedback to form a multi-level and multi-aspect integrated cognitive representation of content.

PARTICIPANTS: Bang&Olufsen, Danish Broadcasting Cooperation, INF, and Dept. of Arts and Cultural Studies both from University of Copenhagen, Geckon, Hindenberg Systems ApS, Musikzonen, Queen Mary University of London, State and University Library, Syntonetic, University College London, University of Glasgow, Dept. of Multimedia Information and Signal Processing, Aalborg University.  

FUNDING: The Danish Strategic Council of Research.

CONTACT: Associate Professor Haakon Lund,, tel. +45 32341454.

FURTHER READING: project website.