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Digital Footprints

[Completed project]

PURPOSE: the main objective of the research group is to improve knowledge of the digital traces we leave behind when we use Internet services on smartphones, tablets, PCs and more ubiquitous Internet devices. Currently, the research group is focusing on Facebook as the main data hub on the Internet. The group explores the data patterns users leave behind when they use various services connected through Facebook. Researchers affiliated with the research group are interested in all kinds of research questions that rely on access to closed data on Facebook – for example: what characterizes image sharing on Facebook? What is regarded as sensitive data by high school students? What is the quality of news in the Facebook News Feed?

METHOD: the researchers have a shared interest in developing software to support the access to, and transparency of, the otherwise hidden/closed data. The group has developed Digital Footprints: an application to access closed Facebook data with user consent and facilitate analysis of the data. The data retrieved with the app is often used in combination with other methods, such as group or individual interviews.

PARTICIPANTS: the research group has a number of affiliated researchers, and the software development is led by Lead Programmer Peter Vahlstrup and Head of Research Group Anja Bechmann.

FUNDING: the activities are funded by Aarhus University and NetLab/DigHumLab.

CONTACT: Visiting Scholar Anja Bechmann,, tel. +45 28552144.

FURTHER READING: visit the project website