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Project Digital Lifestyle

[Completed project]

PURPOSE: the objective of Project Digital Lifestyle is to track the general public’s usage of digital and other media forms, as they relate to demographic and other aspects of lifestyle. While begun in Denmark, the project will also conduct comparative studies involving a number of European countries in the context of an EU COST Action.

METHOD: quantitative data are collected through surveys. Data will be analysed for the purpose of documenting developments over time.

PARTICIPANTS: the project is coordinated by a research group at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with the companies Netminers and Interfazes.

FUNDING: the funding of the project derives from the participating organizations, supplemented by funds from the EU COST Action.

CONTACT: Professor Klaus Bruhn Jensen,, tel. +45 35328104.

FURTHER READING: learn more about Project Digital Lifestyle at the project website.