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Makerspaces in the Early Years (MakEY) – University of Copenhagen

Makerspaces in the Early Years (MakEY)

Enhancing Digital Literacy and Creativity

PURPOSE: The overall objective of the project is to make recommendations for policy and practice that will foster innovation and entrepreneurship in SME makerspaces and facilitate the use of makerspaces for enhancing digital literacy in early childhood educational institutions and non-formal learning spaces such as libraries and museums. This will be based on three objectives: (1) To conduct a comprehensive review of the role of Makerspaces in the formal and non-formal educational experiences of children and young people. (2) To undertake empirical research to determine how makerspaces can foster the digital literacy skills and knowledge of young children. (3) To develop a conceptual framework for analysing young children’s engagement in makerspaces.

METHOD: The project combines collaborative research with training and networking opportunities. The project will have four phases: (1) Capacity building, development of theoretical framework. (2) Development of theoretical framework and preparation for data collection. (3) Data collection and data analysis. (4) Data analysis, findings and dissemination.

PARTICIPANTS: Project is coordinated by Professor Jackie March at Sheffield University (UK) and contains a number of universities and makerspace producers throughout Europe as well as USA, Canada and Australia.

FUNDING: The project is funded by EU H2020 RISE program and will be running in the period 2017-2018

CONTACT: Associate Professor Kjetil Sandvik,, tel. +45 24 94 47 70