Net4Care – University of Copenhagen



[Completed project]

PURPOSE: The demographic development in western countries, in particular the increased number of elderly with chronic diseases, is representing a burden to current healthcare organization. One possible solution is care from a distance, e.g. in the form of telemedicine. Although a number of telemedicine systems have been developed, they have not yet become an integral part of the existing healthcare systems, partly because of complexity and costs. The main objective of the Net4Care project is to design and prototype an ecosystem of telemedicine applications in order to accelerate the development of and create a new market for healthcare services.

METHOD: The project uses an experimental and constructive approach, thus creating and evaluating prototypes of the Net4Care platform.

PARTICIPANTS: The Alexandra Institute, Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen.

FUNDING: The project is funded by The Central Denmark Region and the EU via Caretech Innovation.

CONTACT: Professor Klaus Marius Hansen,, tel. +45 61732721.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Find out more about Net4Care on the project website.