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[Completed project]

PURPOSE: goSupermodel is a successful interactive game community for girls aged 9-15. The project aims at mapping the gamers’ behaviour and how they interact within the game. The goal is to develop goSupermodel in order to prevent players dropping out of the game and to develop a more general understanding of this type of players.

METHOD: Netvalue has a cross-disciplinary approach combining computing sciences and communication theory. The project scrutinises around 10,000 gamers’ behaviour at the goSupermodel site. The researchers analyse how goSupermodel is played and develop a typology of the players to understand how the game is used by the players.

PARTICIPANTS: the project is carried out by a research group at the Centre for Communication and Computing in collaboration with watAgame, the company behind goSupermodel.

FUNDING: Netvalue is supported financially by Computerspilzonen.

CONTACT: Associate Professor Anne Mette Thorhauge,, tel. +45 35328132.

FURTHER READING: read more about Netvalue in the article Scientists go Supermodel published in University of Copenhagen's Profile Magazine MATCHING KNOWLEDGE (page 10)