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Our Museum (Danish Museum Communication: History, Design, and Evaluation) – University of Copenhagen

Our Museum

Danish Museum Communication: History, Design, and Evaluation

PURPOSE: to contribute theoretically and empirically in developing communication at museums, in particular Danish museums, in order to support citizens' mental health and quality of life in terms of, for example, social inclusion, sustainability, citizenship and participation. The overall view is that museums are shaped and developed in the tension between enlightenment and experience, a tension that future forms of digital museum communication have to address unequivocally.

METHOD: the project analyses 4 cases in the history of Danish museum communication which addresses the tension between enlightenment and experience. These cases establish a historical backdrop against which 9 projects, initiated in collaboration between 5 universities and 13 Danish museum partners, aim at develop future museum communication by way of new designs and evaluation forms.

PARICIPANTS: 13 Danish museums and 5 universities.

FUNDING: the Velux Foundation and Nordea Foundation.

CONTACT: Professor Hans Dam Christensen,, tel. +45 32341515.

FURTHER READING: learn more about Our Museum in this press release from Nordea-fonden (in Danish)