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Privacy in Practice

[Completed project]

PURPOSE: the project documents changes in notions and regulations of privacy in Denmark through the past decade. The aim is to contribute to academic understanding of privacy by using new regulatory practices of data archiving as an empirical baseline for a more detailed understanding of what privacy is considered to be today and for discussing the relevance and implications of privacy in a media and communication-centric analysis.

METHOD: the empirical study consists of a content analysis of the cases brought before the Danish Data Protection Agency in the past decade – based on a sample of all the decisions published by the Agency on its website 2000-2011 (N=250). The agency is an independent body acting under the authority of the Act on Processing of Personal Data, and it regulates the archiving, storage and processing of personal data in Denmark.

PARTICIPANTS: the project is carried out by Stine Lomborg and Rasmus Helles.

CONTACT: Associate Professor Stine Lomborg,, tel.  +45 35328105 or Assistant Professor Rasmus Helles,, tel. +45 35329187.