REX – University of Copenhagen

REX (Retrieval Evaluation in conteXt) 

[Completed project]

PURPOSE: the purpose of the REX research project is to further validate and refine the evaluation instrument of a simulated work task situation, which is commonly used in interactive information retrieval (IIR) and information seeking studies in the form of written search task descriptions assigned to human test participants. The objective is to improve the requirements for the use of simulated work task situations, i.e., IIR evaluation methodology, and hereby to increase the research standard and validity of empirical IIR and seeking studies.

METHOD: series of IIR studies are conducted with human test participants searching the Internet for information. The data collection makes use of standard IIR method triangulation: pre-search questionnaire, transaction logs, and post-search interview. The simulated work task situations are designed according to test purpose and the group of test participants reflecting different degrees of tailoring. 

PARTICIPANTS: test participants are university students, school teachers, and school pupils level 7 and 9. The REX project forms part of the ENWI network that focuses on work place information activities. 

FUNDING: the REX project is funded by the Danish Ministry of Culture (TAKT2011-072).

CONTACT: Professor mso Pia Borlund,, tel. +45 98773051. 

FURTHER READING: for more information about the REX project read, e.g., the research paper: Borlund, P. & Schneider, J.W. (2010). Reconsideration of the simulated work task situation: A context tool for evaluation of information retrieval interaction. In: Kelly, D., Turpin, A. & Azzopardi, L. (eds.). Proceedings of the third IIiX Symposium on Information Interaction in Context (IIiX 2010). New Brunswick, NJ, USA, August 2010. 155-164. Or for a shorter paragraph, consult this research portrait of Borlund (in Danish).