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SCAUT – University of Copenhagen


Self-, Collaborative- and AUTo-detection of signs and symptoms of deterioration

PURPOSE: SCAUT is an interdisciplinary research and development project based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The project runs from 2014 to 2018 and aims to make it very easy for pacemaker patients to collaborate with clinicians in detecting early signs and symptoms. The research team will develop a mobile app that lets patients take action on their disease from home and a clinical platform that uses advanced analytics to predict deterioration.

METHOD: Overall, the project follows an interdisciplinary R&D process where participatory design is integrated into a three phase R&D methodology informed by the Biodesign Program pioneered at Stanford University. SCAUT aims to translate research results into IT that will improve both the quality of life for patients and support the daily practice of clinicians. The project combines specialists in cardiology, software development, interaction design, machine learning and medical anthropology.

PARTICIPANTS: SCAUT is a collaborative project between four partners – two public institutions and two companies: The Department of Computer Science, UCPH; The Heart Centre, University Hospital of Copenhagen; the IT-consultancy Rehfeld; and the medical device manufacturer Medtronic.

FUNDING: the project is co-funded by Innovation Fund Denmark and by the participating parties.

CONTACT: Assistant Professor Jonas Moll,, tel. +45 29901181 or Assistant Professor Tariq Osman Andersen,, tel. +45 26149169.

FURTHER READING: for more information on SCAUT, check out the project website.