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Self-tracking as flow – University of Copenhagen

Self-tracking as flow

PURPOSE: The project explores contemporary self-tracking practices in terms of flow, a key concept in media and communication studies. What kinds of meaning are found in different communication flows enabled by digital self-tracking tools - between the system and the user, between the user and herself, and between peers using the same technologies? And to what extent do specific features in the design of the technologies ‘hook’ the user to keep on self-tracking?

METHOD: The empirical components of the project comprise qualitative studies of ordinary practices and experiences of self-tracking with people who track sleep, exercise, calorie intake, whereabouts, work productivity, financial matters, alcohol intake etc., using elicitation diaries and semi-structured interviews. 

PARTICIPANTS: The project is a collaboration between Stine Lomborg and Nanna Bonde Thylstrup of the CCC.


CONTACT: Lektor Stine Lomborg, Dept. of Media, Cognition, and Communication
Section for Film, Media and Communication,, +45 35 32 81 05