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Semantic Processing across Domains

[Completed project]

PURPOSE: the project is concerned with semantic processing and domain adaptation and includes annotation and processing of Danish.

METHOD: the project partners will develop scalable sense inventories for Danish on the basis of existing lexical resources and will provide semantic corpus annotations of Danish texts. The project will go beyond state of the art in recent semantic processing by developing machine learning methods that require less data and are less sensitive to domain shifts.

PARTICIPANTS: the University of Copenhagen and the Society for Danish Language and Literature.

FUNDING: the project is funded by the Danish Council for independent research.

CONTACT: Professor with special responsibilities Anders Søgaard,, tel. +45 35329065 or Professor Bolette Sandford Pedersen,, tel. +45 35329078.

FURTHER READING: read more on the project website or read this article on the project in ScienceNordic.