23 August 2023

Humphrey A. Agyekum publishes article on the politicization of the Ghana Armed Forces through patronage exchanges

Military boots

CGC-researcher, Humphrey Asamoah Agyekum, has recently published an article entitled “We Are not into Politics, but Politics Is into Us”: The Politicization of the Ghana Armed Forces Through Patronage Exchanges between Political Elites and Military Leaders. 

Based on fieldwork with the Ghanian military, the article lays out how Ghana's political class seek to diminish the armed forces' societal and political influence through patronage exchanges, as a way to gain control over the institution. Agyekum explores the strategies deployed by various Ghanian governments to diminish the military’s important position, and analyzes how this politicization of the military impacts dynamics within the barracks.

Access the article here.