7 August 2023

Pablo Selaya has co-authored a paper on the connection between NAFTA and drug-related violence in Mexico

Mexican Day of the Dead skulls

CGC-researcher, Pablo Selaya, has along with PhD Student at the University of Cologne, Eduardo Hidalgo, and Professor of Economic History at the University of Cologne, Erik Hornung, co-authored a paper that was recently featured in Advance Magazine at CAGE-University of Warwick. The paper examines how Mexican regions on drug trafficking routes saw a disproportionate rise in violence after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was introduced in 1994. Selaya, Hidalgo and Hornung’s research suggests that the looser terms of trade ultimately made trafficking routes less risky, and links this development to the increased proportion of homicides along Mexican trafficking routes. 

Read more in Advantage Magazine.