8 November 2023

Rikke Haugegaard publishes article in new military academic journal

Ghanian navy troops
Photo: Ghana Navy

PhD fellow and CGC researcher Rikke Haugegaard has recently published an article in the inaugural issue of the American academic journal Inter Populum: The Journal of Irregular Warfare and Special Operations. 

Haugegaard's article is entitled "Fighting Danger At Sea: The Quest For Speed In Special Operations" and is based on 2 months of fieldwork on military assistance conducted by the Danish Special Operations Maritime Task Group/The Frogman Corps, primarily on training sites in Nigeria and in Ghana.

Haugegaard examines the concept of speed as both a perception and a teamwork technique in a cross-cultural learning environment, and shows how speed is an essential social temporality when maritime Special Operation Forces are fighting danger at sea. 

Read the article here