4 August 2023

Henrik Vigh discusses cocaine use on Danish radio station P3

Knapper i radiostudie

CGC Head of Centre, Henrik Vigh, recently featured in a programme broadcasted by the Danish radio station P3. The programme focused on the increased use of cocaine in Denmark, documented by a report published earlier this year by the EMCDDA based on wastewater samples in Copenhagen.

Vigh describes the development of cocaine use in Denmark throughout the past decades and explains that while the vast majority of the population do not consume the drug, lower prices combined with high quality products, as well as the prevalence of illicit drug delivery services, has led to what can be described as a “democratization” of cocaine. Furthermore, Vigh encourages knowledge-based approaches to prevention efforts and more publicly accessible information on the subject.

The Criminological Observatory at the University of Copenhagen are currently following the drug situation in Denmark and shares relevant data on the topic on our website. The observatory’s updates are currently only available in Danish and can be found here.