Gang Economies in the Øresund Region

Transnational organised crime also finds a significant expression in the gang. This project focused on tracing the submerged economies of Danish gangs that are expanding not only across the nation, but also towards Sweden.

The Oeresundsbridge Photo: colourbox
The Oresund Bridge. Photo: Colourbox


The project unpacked different dimensions of economic organisation.

For instance, it focused on the neglected currencies involved in shaping gangs. A currency is not only a specific valuta such as the krone or an illegal equivalent, but more broadly, a system of signs that has an affective resonance within a group, and thereby, that part-takes in shaping it. For example, this project explored the role that signs (tattoos, tags or logos) and events (festivities/shootings/court hearings) play in the marketing and promotion of these gangs across space.

The project also identified the role that different organisational structures (modes of policing/ codes of conduct/practices of redistribution) play in defining the contours of the gangs in new and existing territories.

Knowledge on how these organisational forces function is fundamental in order to achieve a better understanding of submerged economies in general, but also of Scandinavian gangs in particular. Due to the recent rise in violence and the radicalisation of policy interventions towards these groups, these are matters which require urgent attention, for the present and the future.







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Gang Economies in the Øresund Region has received a three year funding from Carlsbergfondet.

Project: Gang Economies in the Øresund Region
Period:  2018-2021


Christina Jerne
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